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Hypnosis is for Everyone.

Some of the Areas Which Can Be Addressed Through Hypnotic Work Include:

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Body Image/Weight Issues

  • Insomnia

  • Relationship Issues

  • Self-Esteem

  • Chronic Physical Pain

  • Pre-operative Anxiety

  • Creative Blocks

  • Fears and/or Phobias

  • Smoking Addiction

  • Loss of a Loved One

  • Post-Operative Healing

  • Labor and Delivery

  • Exploration of One's Life and Its Meaning

  • Physical Healing

Hypnosis is a way of working with all of these issues, and many more, because it offers a means of accessing one's own inner mind, of shifting perceptions and beliefs in a way that is beneficial and healing for each individual.  I will work with you so that you discover and engage your own great potential for self-realization and healing.  I am dedicated to creating a safe emotional environment which allows for the careful exploration of even deeply painful issues.  And, hypnosis is a means of bringing great benefit to beautiful times in life, as well, such as the birth of a child.  The human experience can be a challenging one, and I am grateful to be able to encourage healing and offer support.

501 Kearney Street, Suite E

El Cerrito, California 94530


"Laura Shalliker is a natural healer and student of many modalities, and just being in her presence is healing, even before she starts the hypnosis. As her client, she attended to me on such a deep level, that I felt completely taken care of just by her deep interest in and understanding of my experience. Her manner is incredibly nurturing, smart and skillful. I was a bit skeptical about hypnosis, but Laura's treatment was so meaningful and powerful, I became a believer. She was able to help me access information and parts of me I didn't know existed, and the result was I feel more integrated, more confident, more whole. I highly recommend Laura to my own clients and friends who need help with anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, phobias, grief or other types of trauma or disconnection from oneself or others."

           Cynthia Lubow-                                               Psychotherapist                     


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