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Your First Session...

Our first appointment will include traditional intake including the filling out of basic forms and the opportunity for you to ask any questions and to let me know about the issues you wish to address.  I will describe the mind as it is understood from a Hypnotherapuetic perspective, and give a general background on hypnotic work.  
You will then enjoy your first Hypnotherapuetic session with me in which you will lie down or sit down.  I will ask you to close your eyes as you listen to my voice and I will guide you to a relaxed state.  
Because hypnotic states are familiar to us, you will find that you are actually used to this experience.  The difference is that you and I will be working together to help you find the best ways for you to move forward with whatever issues are relevant.  This very relaxed state, in which the brain moves from a Beta state (alert) to an Alpha (relaxed) and Theta state (deeply relaxed), allows for direct access to memories and beliefs and also allows the mind to create new means of functioning so as to better fulfill one's desired outcome.  
During hypnosis, you will most usually be speaking with me while remaining in a deeply relaxed state.  Even while in the absolute deepest state of hypnosis, you are in control.  You will never say or do anything which goes against your own moral sense or makes you feel uncomfortable. In fact, part of my practice includes reminding you to feel free and comfortable expressing any concerns or feelings which are important to you, no matter how deeply in hypnosis you may be. This is your life and your experience - I apply my training and skill in order to assist you towards your own best results, and my desire is to fulfill that role in the most ethical and caring way.
After this hypnotic experience, I will instruct you to come back to full conscious awareness and we will have the opportunity to discuss.  
Subsequent Sessions....

Each subsequent session follows a similar pattern to the first with the exception of shorter intake.  Nonetheless, we will always take time to check in before going into hypnosis, giving you the opportunity to share any developments, enriched understandings, and to express any feelings.  

The hypnosis itself often deepens over time and becomes increasingly meaningful.  Because the hypnotic state is one with very direct access to the subconscious, healing of every kind can often be accelerated.

You will find more information about what happens in Hypnotherapuetic session in my "Frequently Asked Questions" section.


When I was confronted with the prospect of a very invasive surgery after having enjoyed near perfect health throughout my lifetime, I felt a real sense of powerlessness and fear.  I needed to figure out a mental construct with which I could build an expectation of what this experience was going to look like.  It was through hypnotherapy with Laura Shalliker that I was able to take the fear around this surgery and turn it on its head towards incredible confidence, goundedness, and love for myself and others.  I was able to create a vision which became the experience I actually had in the hospital.  From the surgery itself to dealing with doctors and care-givers to managing unexpected complications, the outcome was what I had worked on in hypnosis - the hospital became a safe and loving place where I could heal.  


I have worked with a lot of therapists and healers and have found few who I trust as much as I trusted Laura with this process.  I am very particular with whom I will work.  Because I have such deep trust and confidence in Laura’s abilities, I was able to transform a frightening experience into a healing one.  Laura is so skilled and compassionate and earnest - she worked with me in a way that allowed me to go through the feelings I needed so as to get where my most uplifted, creative mind could go.  What’s more, she has a very hopeful and positive view of life’s possibilities which she brought out in me, the view that we could make my experience into something really good.  I trust Laura Shalliker and have encouraged others to work with her and benefit from her love and skill.

Dana O., Educator

"Laura is a well educated, highly skilled, and intuitive hypnotherapist. She is a profoundly sensitive and supportive guide, who helps her patients navigate their issues and concerns in a safe space. I have experienced incredible growth and resolved some stubbornly persistent problems through hypnotherapy with Laura. I highly recommend Laura as a practitioner."

Dr. Melanie Hayes, Educational Consultant


Sessions are $195 for the first 60 minutes, and $45 for each following quarter hour or portion thereof.  Because Hypnosis can sometimes be unpredictable, I always allow for an hour and a half for each session.  However, if your time is limited, let me know before our session and I will make sure that we stay within a certain time-frame.  I also offer sliding scale appointments.

First Session Rates:

The first session will typically be longer than others, often lasting for 2 hours.  I offer a free 30 minute intake for this first session.  


Payment may be made with check, cash, or credit card payment via Paypal billing. I do not accept insurance. 
You are welcome to contact me via email and/or phone to ask preliminary questions.  I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to all prospective clients.

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"Laura Shalliker is a master at what she does. She has patiently worked with me over the past 2 years to uncover blocks that were difficult for me to discern on my own. She has helped me to transform from being in a vulnerable, frightened place to growing into a full spectrum being who is celebrating my potential (which she has also been instrumental in assisting me to tap into).


I happened to inquire at a Wellness clinic if the practitioners could recommend a hypnotherapist and one of the physicians quickly offered Laura's name and  phone number to me. She said Laura had helped her in Med school and that she still played the recording Laura had made for her, years later. I called Laura shortly after that and I am forever grateful for her assistance and for her skills."

Robi R.

"Laura Shalliker is fantastic.  I had been curious about hypnotherapy and she was referred to me.  In the year I have been seeing her, I have made many breakthroughs during our sessions on deeply personal issues.  I recommend this to anyone who might be hesitant about talk therapy that might benefit from help with recall and a moment of openness to suggestion."

Jeff S.

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