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Learn Self-Hypnosis

This workshop was a lot of fun!  Check back soon for upcoming workshops and events. 


The expansive potential within ourselves is available through many means.  Hypnotic techniques are a particularly effective way to access our own power to heal, shift beliefs towards deep self-respect, move our lives in the direction we wish to go.  Join me for a four hour introduction to Self-Hypnosis - learn about the mind from a hypnotherapeutic point-of-view and gain the tools to begin using Self-Hypnosis in your daily life.


          Perhaps these are questions you are asking about Hypnosis:  What makes Hypnosis different from other practices or modalities?  What kinds of issues can be addressed with Hypnosis?  I've heard that people can control pain with this true?  Will I able to enter a Hypnotic state and explore Hypnotic work?  Is Hypnosis safe?  How can I use Hypnotic techniques at home?

          In this workshop, I will offer instruction on the workings of the mind from a hypnotherapeutic point-of-view, teach you simple yet powerful techniques so that you can begin using Self-Hypnosis, and answer the above questions along with any others you may have.  If you've ever wondered about Hypnosis, this is the perfect opportunity to gain an introductory understanding and to access techniques to use at home.  

          This Workshop will include instruction, practice of techniques, and a group hypnosis for calm and generalized healing.  In addition, you will receive an Mp3 recording for use at home.


          Follow the Registration link on this page and use the Paypal button to secure your space.

           I look forward to meeting you!

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