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What Is Hypnotherapy?

You may be interested to know that we all experience states of hypnosis every day. When you are day-dreaming, or driving your car and finding yourself arriving home without detailed recall of getting there, or going through activities "on automatic pilot", you are in a state of light hypnosis. Just before you fall asleep and as you wake up, you are in a state of hypnosis.  This is simply when the conscious, analytical mind is relaxed.  

This relaxed state-of-mind offers a unique and powerful opportunity to work on issues we wish to change, to overcome obstacles, heal emotional wounds, set a path for physical healing, control pain, etc.  When our conscious mind is relaxed, we have greater access to memories and belief patterns, some of which may be surprising.  We can also use this deeper mind to bring new ways of thinking to our daily lives so as to very efficiently effect change and increase our appreciation for all that we are and experience. Hypnotherapy is the system of working with the deeper, subconscious mind to promote healing and growth with increasing self-awareness and empowerment.   

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