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About Laura

I have a varied background which ultimately has brought me to the practice of Hypnotherapy.  I come from a family of educators, medical practitioners, and therapists.  As an undergraduate at University of California, Berkeley, I majored in Art History and received my Bachelor's degree from that department. I eventually became a teacher of Language Arts for students K - 12 in connection with the Independent Study branch of a charter school.

Nearly 10 years ago, while researching a doctorate program in Clinical Psychology, I attended a day-long workshop on Self-Hypnosis. No more than two hours in, I knew that this was the modality I wanted to explore. As I practiced what I learned in that workshop, I noticed myself opening up to new ways of seeing my life.  I became increasingly aware of my own capacity to shift and expand my experiences, to look towards bigger goals, to feel powerful even when facing deep sorrows and struggles. And as I subsequently worked with a wonderful Hypnotherapist, those experiences became more and more profound.  I determined to receive certification and offer Hypnotherapy to others.  

I proceeded to receive my training at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corte Madera, California, and have been additionally certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, Certification # HT 112-042.  Over the course of study, I learned not only a multitude of techniques related to hypnotic applications of healing, but the deep and expansive way in which our inner mind instructs and orchestrates our beliefs, choices, and, indeed, our physical experience.

I have worked with clients one-on-one since 2012.  I also teach group instruction on self-hypnosis and the personal use of hypnosis in treating a range of concerns.  Additionally, I offer group hypnosis sessions wherein a particular issue is addressed in a group setting.  Each of these approaches offers valuable healing opportunities unique to the hypnotic experience, something I appreciate and enjoy immensely.

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